Smoke Detector
Rate of Rise Heat Detector


Rate of Rise Heat Detector


As fire is formed rapidly, the rapid heat convection and hot wind make the room temperature rise drastically. The Rate of rise heat detector can respond to the speedy rise of temperature within a short period of time and alarm is initiated.
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  • With dual LED, easy to observe state of detector.
  • The dual LED light up constantly when the detector alarms.
  • With large metal surface to expose the air to sense the temperature.
Voltage 24VDC System from Panel
Standby Current 0μA
Alarm Current 30mA
Suitable Temperature -15~50° C
Suitable Humidity 0~95% RH
Size 103mm x 43mm
Weight 140g
Material Fire-resisting ABS material
Joint Contact Copper (zinc-plated)
Color Ivory White