Fire Alarm Control Panel
Fire Alarm Control Panel 4 ZONE, 8 ZONE
Zone and Display
Each Zone is represented by three LED, one Red and two Orange color.
FIRE (Red LED): Fire Alarm Signal
O/C FAULT (Orange LED): Open Circuit
S/C FAULT (Orange LED): Short Circuit

Sounder Circuits
  1. Two external sounder output circuits are provided.
  2. Amount of two sounder outputs is 150mA.
  3. Each sounder circuit is protected by fuse (1A).
  4. Each sounder circuit should be with End of Line Resistance (10KΩ) to check if open circuit or short circuit.
  5. Press EVACUATE button can re-sound the external alarm (alarm bell, buzzer).
  6. Press the SILENCE button to mute the external sounders (alarm bell, buzzer).
Circuit Connection Diagram

Mains Supply 220V AC 50/60 Hz
Spare Power (Battery) 24V DC
Charging Voltage Protection Glass Fuse
Sounder Output 24V DC (End of Line Resistance 10KΩ)
Max. Output Current: 150mA amount
Amount of Smoke Detectors Max. Amount of Connection: 20 / Loop
Auxiliary Contacts Null-Voltage Contact (24VDC, 1A max. NO/NC)
Mains Supply Protection Glass Fuse
Sounder Protection Glass Fuse
Spare Power (Battery) Protection Glass Fuse
Zone End of Line Resistance 5.1KΩ