Smoke Detector
Smoke + Heat Combo Detector


Smoke + Heat Combo Detector


This is a multi-function detector which responds to smoke and temperature both. It is a Ionization Smoke Detector attached a heat sensor. The responded temperature is set at 60° C. When the fire makes the room temperature rise gradually until the temperature has risen and reached to 60° C, the alarm is initiated.
DM Download (1.5 MB)
  • With dual LED, easy to observe state of detector.
  • With dual LED flash once every 4 ~ 6 seconds in peacetime to show if the detector work normally.
  • The dual LED light up constantly when the detector alarms.
  • With (-R) contact to connect to a remote indicating lamp to show alarm signal in different area.
Voltage 24VDC System from Panel
Standby Current 70μA
Alarm Current 30mA
Alarm Temperature 60° C
Suitable Temperature -15~50° C
Suitable Humidity 0~95% RH
Size 103mm x 43mm
Weight 150g
Material Fire-resisting ABS material
Joint Contact Copper (zinc-plated)
Color Ivory White
Prohibit from being installed at the places with large volume of smoke and steam lingering, and the inlet and outlet of cold and warm air.